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Can I ask for Child Support If It Was Not Ordered In My Judgment

If you have a divorce judgment that did not order child support for your children, you can still ask for support after your divorce so long as your children are still of an age eligible to receive support and, of course, depending on the relative timeshares and incomes of the parties. Just because your judgment…

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Is Child Support Tax Deductible?

As we get closer to the end of the year, many people are starting to think about taxes. Well, at least I do. A common question I get from divorced or separated parents is whether child support is tax deductible. For many people, child support is a significant monthly financial transaction, so, naturally, they are…

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Guideline Child Support in Orange County California

Whether you are in an Orange County divorce, legal separation, or paternity proceeding, if you have children, you will have to deal with the issue of child support sooner or later. Child support is something that parents must deal with when their children live part of the time with one parent and part of the…

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How Long Is Child Support Due in California?

It is a common question that most parents dealing with Orange County child support issues have.  Whether you are the child support payor or the recipient, it is often a struggle for each parent to manage a budget and adequately meet their child’s needs.  There are two California statutes that should be read together to…

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How to Change Your Child Support Order

Unlike most orders in an Orange County divorce, such as those dealing with property, child support can change over time.  All it takes is a material change in circumstances to enable you to go back to court to adjust the guideline child support figures.  In this economy, for example, many people have lost their jobs. …

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