What is a 730 Evaluation?

By | September 29, 2012

Divorce attorneys in Orange County and family law practitioners throughout California use this jargon all the time. The number refers to California Evidence Code section 730, which has to do with the court’s appointing an expert to investigate and to make a report to the court concerning a complicated issue in a case. In a family law case, a 730 evaluation is often done for child custody and visitation issues. Once a 730 evaluator (psychologist) is selected, the evaluator investigates the family dynamics and relationships between the parents and children and makes a report to the court with recommendations for child custody and visitation. In the course of their investigation, a child custody evaluator will often interview family members outside of the nuclear family and other people who may have relevant information about the parties and their children. 730 evaluators are not a paid by the courts. They are private psychologists, so the parties often share the expense of having such an expert involved in their case.