Orange County Divorce Mediation


Orange County divorce mediation is an affordable alternative to hiring a divorce lawyer if you are looking for an amicable way to settle your divorce or have a post-judgment issue to work out, such as a modification of child custody and visitation or child support.  Our family law mediator can help you and the other party mediate your issues to come up with a fair and equitable order.

In initial divorce situations, we can assist both parties with completing their mandatory financial disclosures, prepare the initial divorce and response forms, and draft a marital settlement agreement that will become the parties’ judgment.

Common divorce issues which can be mediated include: alimony and child support, division of community property, child custody and visitation.

If you already have a judgment but the passage of time or other changed circumstances have made your child custody, visitation, or support orders unworkable, we can help the parties negotiate a post-judgment modification.  In as little as one or two mediation sessions, the parties can usually reach a written agreement, which they can then sign and submit to Court to change the current orders.

Common post-judgment issues that can be mediated are: child custody, child visitation, child support, and alimony.

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