Divorce Financial Disclosure

The most important aspects in a divorce are the marital property settlement and support issues.  In order to arrive at a fair level of support and a fair division of marital property and debts, a divorce financial disclosure is needed by both sides.  In California the document is called a […]

Furniture and Furnishings in a Divorce

Dividing furniture and furnishings in a divorce can be a very stressful experience.  It can be quite a shock when you find the junk that your spouse was nagging you to throw away for years listed on a schedule of assets and debts at a ridiculously high price.   Fighting over […]

Irvine Divorce Mediation

If you are contemplating a divorce, why not first go to one of the family law departments at the family law court in Orange, California?  There you will see parties who have been married to each other – some long term, some not – wage emotional and financial war on […]

Mediation – The Affordable Legal Solution

I recently learned of a paternity case out of Los Angeles where the parties collectively spent well over $100,000 in attorneys fees before the child in question was even a year old. Shocked? I am. How much money are they going to spend on attorneys for the next seventeen years […]

Divorce Planning

A common question among people who are about to file for divorce is what to do ahead of time to prepare themselves for what lies ahead. Usually they are more concerned with the financial side rather than the emotional side of divorce. Aside from having a strong support network, supportive […]

Is Child Support Tax Deductible?

As we get closer to the end of the year, many people are starting to think about taxes. Well, at least I do. A common question I get from divorced or separated parents is whether child support is tax deductible. For many people, child support is a significant monthly financial […]

Filing for Bankruptcy in a California Divorce

If you are considering declaring bankruptcy during your California divorce, you really should consult an expert, preferably one in bankruptcy and one in family law. Filing for bankruptcy has a “ripple effect” in other courts in that there is an automatic stay of litigation until the bankruptcy case is adjudicated. […]