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Mediating Child Custody and Visitation Issues

Mediation is ideally suited to resolving child custody and visitation issues.  Simply speaking, custody and visitation is not a “one size fits all” issue where a “standard” schedule works best for all concerned.  As the needs and circumstances of each child is unique, so to are the solutions for building a custody and visitation schedule… Read More »

How Long Is Spousal Support Due

In California the rule of thumb is that spousal support is due for one-half the duration of the marriage.  That rule of thumb applies for short term marriages under ten years.  In long term marriages, the general rule is that support is due “indefinitely.”  Each case is unique and if the court decides to terminate… Read More »

How Long Is Child Support Due

Child support is generally due until the child in question marries, becomes emancipated, dies, turns 18 and is no longer a full time high school student, or turns 19, whichever occurs first. Many high school students are age 18 when they graduate, so support would be owing until they graduate. The occasional child will still… Read More »

Dividing Complex Marital Assets in Mediation

Mediation involves a certain degree of trust between the parties. They have to have confidence in the fact that each party is laying all of their cards on the table and is complying with the financial disclosure requirements of Family Code 2104 and of course their fiduciary obligations under Feldman. In the case of complex… Read More »

Why Divorce Mediation Is Becoming More Popular

When I went to law school over ten years ago, alternative dispute resolution was the buzzword going around.  Mediation was one of the forms of alternative dispute resolution that was touted.  It met with mild interest from the students and is generally received the same among practicing lawyers.  After all, they are in the business… Read More »

If I Try Divorce Mediation Can I Later Change My Mind?

People try divorce mediation for a number of reasons.  One important reason is that they want to stay focused on what is best for their children.  Another reason is that they want to save on the costs of their divorce.  People who want to mediate their divorce are committed to these and other important goals. … Read More »

Family Law Mediation After the Divorce

If you  originally litigated your divorce, you will probably recall all the stress and expense that went into the process.  Usually with the passage of time or other changed circumstances a custody or support order may have to be modified some time down the road.  If you know it is time to overhaul a custody… Read More »