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Divorce Wills

If your marriage is on the rocks and you are about to file for divorce, have you considered how your current will and trust may distribute your estate? While most people have no reason to fear that their spouse may do them harm, even in a divorce situation, sometimes a party will die of natural… Read More »

Fiduciary Duties in a Marriage

Married people, just like business partners, are supposed to treat each other with the utmost of good faith and fair dealing. Just as a business person should not be engaged in self-dealing at the expense of his or her partner, a spouse should likewise not steal from the community or imprudently manage community assets. In… Read More »

Collecting Child Support – Wage Garnishments

For many people, getting a child support order is easy but actually collecting it is the hard part. The support obligor (often the father) seems not to pay on time or is short in his support payment each month. Meanwhile the children go without a few things and hopefully do not go hungry. For many… Read More »