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Orange County California Prenuptial Agreements

With the high rate of divorce in California and other states, some people look for ways to deal with the unwelcome but highly likely possibility that their marriage will end in a divorce.  A prenuptial agreement is usually the legal vehicle of choice for most couples.  Through a premarital agreement, future spouses contract with each…

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Orange County Child Custody Mediation

The hardest thing about going through divorce has got to be dividing the children. Of course you can’t divide them a la King Solomon, but you can divide the time they spend with each parent. The cardinal rule in determining the timeshare that each parent will have is called the “best interests of the child”…

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Avoiding the High Cost of Divorce in Orange County

For many people, the shock of being served with divorce papers is followed by an even greater shock when they find out what it will cost them to hire a divorce lawyer.  The initial shock is generally followed by a lesser (or bigger) “after shock” each month when they get the bill. There are some…

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No Fault Divorce Orange County California

What is a no fault divorce?  Well, in some states, in order to get a divorce, you must allege some wrongdoing on the part of the person you are trying to divorce.  A common ground for divorce in a “fault” divorce state is adultry, and the person making the allegations must prove the grounds for…

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Fiduciary Duties During Divorce

Married people, just like business partners, are supposed to treat each other with the utmost of good faith and fair dealing. Just as a business person should not be engaged in self-dealing at the expense of his or her partner, a spouse should likewise not steal from the community or imprudently manage community assets. In…

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Orange County Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Orange County California Not all divorce and family law cases involve bitter custody disputes or “all out” war between the spouses. Many cases are moderately or lightly contested and the main points of contention can be worked out between the parties themselves with the assistance of a trained family law mediator. For such…

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