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Divorce Financial Disclosure

The most important aspects in a divorce are the marital property settlement and support issues.  In order to arrive at a fair level of support and a fair division of marital property and debts, a divorce financial disclosure is needed by both sides.  In California the document is called a declaration of disclosure, and the…

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Dividing a Business in an Orange County California Divorce

How to divide a family business can be one of the most complex property issues in a California divorce.  The business represents not only the livelihood of one or both parties, but often is a significant asset of the marriage. Who Should Get the Business? Usually, the party who actually runs the business is awarded…

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Orange County Child Custody Mediation

The hardest thing about going through divorce has got to be dividing the children. Of course you can’t divide them a la King Solomon, but you can divide the time they spend with each parent. The cardinal rule in determining the timeshare that each parent will have is called the “best interests of the child”…

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Orange County Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Orange County California Not all divorce and family law cases involve bitter custody disputes or “all out” war between the spouses. Many cases are moderately or lightly contested and the main points of contention can be worked out between the parties themselves with the assistance of a trained family law mediator. For such…

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