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FL-150 The Income and Expense Declaration

The income and expense declaration is one of the basic forms that people use in a California divorce or any family law case where financial matters, such as child and spousal support, are “at issue” (i.e., people are fighting over it).  Because support is, basically, the state’s mechanism for reallocating income between the parties, there…

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What are Unbundled Legal Services?

Unbundled legal services are a fancy label for a simple concept: buying legal services “a la carte.”  Instead of buying a whole meal, for example, maybe you just want to order a side dish, or the main course without all the sides.  Well, in a restaurant you would browse through the “a la carte” menu…

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Divorce and Equity

Equity is not just the difference between what your house is worth and how much you owe.  If you are involved in a divorce, then obviously that is a major concern for you.  You will have to find a way to equalize the marital balance sheet in the course of dividing the assets and debts…

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Irvine Divorce Mediation

If you are contemplating a divorce, why not first go to one of the family law departments at the family law court in Orange, California?  There you will see parties who have been married to each other – some long term, some not – wage emotional and financial war on each other.  Then ask yourself…

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Mediation – The Affordable Legal Solution

I recently learned of a paternity case out of Los Angeles where the parties collectively spent well over $100,000 in attorneys fees before the child in question was even a year old. Shocked? I am. How much money are they going to spend on attorneys for the next seventeen years while the child is growing…

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How Long Do You Have to Pay Spousal Support in California

How long do you pay spousal support (alimony) in an Orange County, California divorce? Well, to answer that question, one needs to know how long the marriage lasted.  The rule of thumb, at least for marriages lasting less than 10 years, is that support is generally due for one-half the duration of the marriage.  There…

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Collecting Child Support – Contempt

Collecting your Orange County child support payment can be a monthly ordeal in these harsh economic times. Many people who have a support obligation are out of work and the unemployment check just doesn’t stretch very far. Some people do not have the ability to pay support, but for those who do have the ability…

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Mediation Versus Arbitration

From the many calls I receive inquiring about my divorce mediation services, I believe many people are not really sure of what mediation really is. They may have heard of mediation but cannot quite distinguish one type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) from another. In the civil courts, arbitration is the form of ADR most…

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Declaration of Disclosure in a California Divorce – Do the Right Thing

This is a rant. I am annoyed with people (especially those represented by attorneys) foisting off shoddily prepared declarations of disclosure. What do they think they will gain with such sloppy work? For those new to the notion of declarations of disclosure, these documents are comprised primarily of a schedule of assets and debts and…

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California No Fault Divorce

What is a no fault divorce? Well, in some states, in order to get a divorce, you must allege some wrongdoing on the part of the person you are trying to divorce. A common ground for divorce in a “fault” divorce state is adultry, and the person making the allegations must prove the grounds for…

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