Family Law Mediation After the Divorce

By | March 12, 2011

If you  originally litigated your divorce, you will probably recall all the stress and expense that went into the process.  Usually with the passage of time or other changed circumstances a custody or support order may have to be modified some time down the road.  If you know it is time to overhaul a custody or support order in your divorce decree but cringe at the notion of going back to court to start the fight all over again, then consider using a family law mediator to help you and your ex negotiate a modification to the current order.  If the other party is agreeable, in usually one or two mediation sessions, you can draft up a stipulation to modify the current order and never set foot in court.  Our firm utilizes only attorney-mediators to help you resolve your issues.  The benefit for you is that being attorneys, our mediators can act as scriveners for you and draft your stipulation using the proper legal format and language.  No other kind of mediator can truthfully say that they can legally draft your legal documents.

Being able to mediate a new agreement and staying out of court also helps you avoid increasing the level of contention between you and the other party.  This helps to minimize the emotional turbulence on family members and children.

So if you are considering modifying an old order, suggest using mediation to the other party and then call us to schedule your appointment.