Irvine Divorce Mediation

By | June 24, 2015

If you are contemplating a divorce, why not first go to one of the family law departments at the family law court in Orange, California?  There you will see parties who have been married to each other – some long term, some not – wage emotional and financial war on each other.  Then ask yourself if you really want to go through all of that negativity for months or years while you fight over your divorce.  Chances are, many of those people fighting in court could have settled amicably.  But as with any war, the issues were probably small in the beginning, but then escalated and soon blew up out of proportion and neither side wanted to change their position.  That would be admitting defeat.

In mediation, the parties are free to change their position.  It is called compromise.  It is not a personal defeat.  It is the rational way to settle differences.  Those parties fighting in court rarely have a 100% victory, as oftentimes, both sides have merit and the proper outcome is a matter of degree.  The judge decides the outcomes for those parties who cannot compromise.  You can take the power to decide your fate and that of your family by mediating your divorce.  It can save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and very likely months and months of fighting and stress.  When you get back from your visit to the family court, make your decision whether you want a long, costly fight or whether you want to discuss matters civilly with your spouse.  Then call us for a free initial consultation that may enable you to settle your divorce quickly and minimize the stress and expense of getting a divorce.