California Divorce Document Preparation

If you are seeking a low cost alternative to having an attorney represent you in your family law matter and you and the other party are unable to mediate for whatever reason, then we can still help you represent yourself in pro per.  We can assist you with drafting the required documents and forms required to initiate a divorce or other family law proceeding, obtain temporary orders, such as for child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, domestic violence restraining orders, or to modify existing orders, often at prices comparable to what a legal document preparer would charge.

Call today to ask us about our divorce document preparation services. We can help you with starting a divorce, responding to a divorce petition, filing and serving a Request for Order (formerly known as an Order to Show Cause), or responding to one. We can also help you with preparing the necessary financial disclosure forms for a divorce, or conducting and responding to discovery requests, such as form interrogatories and Demands (Requests) for Production of Documents.

Need help with any aspect of your divorce? Call today to discuss your legal needs 714-900-3627.