Collecting Child Support – Wage Garnishments

By | November 26, 2011

For many people, getting a child support order is easy but actually collecting it is the hard part. The support obligor (often the father) seems not to pay on time or is short in his support payment each month. Meanwhile the children go without a few things and hopefully do not go hungry. For many people dealing with child support issues, it often becomes a power struggle between the payor and the payee with the payor paying “when he feels like it.” To take the decision and the power out of his control, a simple solution is to obtain a wage garnishment to enforce the child support order. The wage garnishment needs to be approved by the judge who made the order and after that, it may be served upon the payor’s employer. The employer is required by law to take the child support payments out of the support obligor’s check (up to a certain percentage of his gross pay) and send it to the payee, usually by way of California’s central disbursement unit. The Law Office of Derrick J. Taberski can help you establish a child support order and can assist you in enforcing the provisions of the order so that your children get the support they need.